How to save as much money as possible

Almost all of us dream of a carefree life with a lot of money. But usually we have to do something about it. This is why we have prepared some tips for you to save and save properly.

Getting started …

Getting started ...

First of all, before you start saving, you need to have a maximum overview of your earnings and expenses. It’s not enough just to know how much money you get to pay. Write down everything. Whether the aforementioned paycheck, purchase in food, in a drugstore, pharmacy, or lunch in a restaurant, credit card payments and the like.

You don’t have to set up a new notebook. The phone and the handy application are enough for you. And those are really a lot. Just search and download it. We are talking about applications where you write down all your daily, weekly, or monthly expenses. Sort everything into categories and have a beautiful overview. What is it good for? You can see if you’re in the minus, what you spent the most money on, and that can open your eyes quickly. The app counts everything for you and you can bounce back from these numbers in your saving.

10% of the payout

This should be the minimum amount you postpone for each of your payouts. Of course, you can do more but keep 100% off. This is how you will collect money in your account, but of course you cannot spend anything on that money. Put them in the future and use them at the right moment.

What does the bank say about your investigation?


You can also save money in the bank. All you have to do is pick the right one and the best savings account. We have prepared several benefits for you at Central Bank. Just look at our offer or come to us directly to one of the branches. We will advise you on what kind of saving would suit you.

Cash or card?

Cash or card?

If you’re having trouble paying with a card and then looking horribly at the low number on your account, pay with cash. This is by always choosing a certain amount to spend during the month after paying. Do not change more and put aside. You will not spend on uselessness and will only stick to the amount you have in your wallet. Also, cancel your credit card overdraft. If you do not have the funds, you should forgive the next purchase.

Save at home

You can save even the smallest things – not unnecessarily light and turn off lights, use energy-saving light bulbs, disconnect electronics from the network, buy low-power appliances, drive through the city in public transport …

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